Biochemical Engineering (Department Elective - I) 4 examination papers 
Chemical Reaction Engineering - I 4 examination papers 
Chemical Reaction Engineering II 3 examination papers 
Chemical System Modelling (Department Elective - II) 1 examination papers 
Computer Programming and Utilization (Revised) 3 examination papers 
Elements of Civil Engineering (Revised) 4 examination papers 
Elements of Electrical Engineering 3 examination papers 
Elements of Mechanical Engineering 4 examination papers 
Energy Technology (Department Elective - I) 4 examination papers 
Environmental Studies 1 examination papers 
Institute Elective - I(Fundamental Chemical Engineering Calculations and Stoichiometry) 6 examination papers 
Management - I 1 examination papers 
Multi Component Distillation (Department Elective - II) 3 examination papers 
Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals 4 examination papers 
Process Equipment Design - II 1 examination papers