Communication Skills 3 examination papers 
Computer Organization and Architecture 4 examination papers 
Computer Programming and Utilization (Revised) 2 examination papers 
Department Elective I E-Commerce and E-Business 3 examination papers 
Department Elective I Enterprise Resourse Planning 4 examination papers 
Department Elective I Software Testing and Quality 4 examination papers 
Department Elective II Artificial Intelligence 3 examination papers 
Department Elective II Business Intelligence and Data Mining 3 examination papers 
Department Elective II Serivice Oriented Computing 2 examination papers 
Distributed Systems 2 examination papers 
Elements of Civil Engineering (Revised) 3 examination papers 
Elements of Electrical Engineering 2 examination papers 
Elements of Mechanical Engineering 3 examination papers 
Environmental Studies 3 examination papers 
Institute Elective I Object Oriented Concepts and Programming 6 examination papers 
Institute Elective II Visual Basic Application and Programming 6 examination papers 
Parallel Processing 3 examination papers 
Web Application Development 4 examination papers