Biomedical Signal Processing (Elective) 3 examination papers 
Digital Signal Processing and Applications (Elective) 4 examination papers 
Digital VLSI Design (Elective) 4 examination papers 
Interdisciplinary Elective II - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 4 examination papers 
Major Elective II and III - Fiber Optic Communication 2 examination papers 
Major Elective II and III -Image Processing 1 examination papers 
Major Elective II and III -RF and Microwave Engineering 3 examination papers 
Major Elective II and III -Satellite communication 4 examination papers 
Major Elective IV -Adaptive signal Processing 4 examination papers 
Major Elective IV -Optimization Techniques 1 examination papers 
Major Elective IV-Peripheral System Design and Interfacing 6 examination papers 
Neuro Computing and Applications (Elective) 3 examination papers 
Recent topics in Modern Communication Engineering (Elective) 1 examination papers 
Soft Computing Technique and its Application in Engineering (Elective) 1 examination papers 
Statistical Signal Analysis 1 examination papers 
Telecom Switching System, Networks and Network Management 5 examination papers