Advanced Networking Technologies 4 examination papers 
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering 1 examination papers 
Circuit Theory 2 examination papers 
Communication Skills 3 examination papers 
Communication Systems and Applications 4 examination papers 
Digital circuits and Design 2 examination papers 
Digital Communication and Coding Techniques 6 examination papers 
Digital Image Processing Design 3 examination papers 
Discrete Time Signal and System 1 examination papers 
DSP Processors and Architectures 3 examination papers 
Electromagnetic Engineering 3 examination papers 
Electronic and Electrical Measuring Instrument and Machine 8 examination papers 
Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement 2 examination papers 
Embedded Systems and Real Time Programming 6 examination papers 
Fundamentals of Communication Engineering 1 examination papers 
Medical Electronics 4 examination papers 
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers II 6 examination papers 
Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems 2 examination papers 
Power Electronics 2 examination papers 
Structured Programming Approach 2 examination papers 
VLSI Design 3 examination papers 
Wireless Communication 3 examination papers