Analog and Digital Circuits 2 examination papers 
Automata Theory 1 examination papers 
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering 1 examination papers 
Communication Skills 3 examination papers 
Computer Networks 1 examination papers 
Computer Organization and Architecture 1 examination papers 
Database Management 3 examination papers 
Electronic Devices and Circuits 5 examination papers 
Information Technology for Management of Enterprise 6 examination papers 
Manufacturing Processes Planning and Systems 6 examination papers 
Multimedia Systems 3 examination papers 
Object Oriented Programming 1 examination papers 
Principles of Analog and Digital Communication 1 examination papers 
Robotics and Machine INTELLIGENCE 1 examination papers 
Software Project Management 3 examination papers 
Structured Programming Approach 2 examination papers 
Web Programming 2 examination papers 
Wireless Network 3 examination papers