Business Ethics and CSR 4 examination papers 
Elective - Special Studies in Finance 4 examination papers 
Elective - Special Studies in Marketing 3 examination papers 
Elective I International Finance 2 examination papers 
Elements of Logistics and Supply Chain Management 2 examination papers 
Elements of Logistics Management 3 examination papers 
Entrepreneurship 4 examination papers 
Entrepreneurship and Management of small and medium enterprises 5 examination papers 
Financial management 4 examination papers 
Human Resource Management 4 examination papers 
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management 4 examination papers 
Logistics 1 examination papers 
Management of Co-operatives 3 examination papers 
Marketing Research 3 examination papers 
Quantitive Methods for Business II 3 examination papers 
Retail Management 4 examination papers 
Rural Marketing 3 examination papers 
Service SECTOR MANAGEMENT 2 examination papers