Advanced Computer Architecture 1 examination papers 
Advanced Power Electronics 1 examination papers 
Biomedical Instrumentation 1 examination papers 
Computer Network and Security 3 examination papers 
Data Communication 4 examination papers 
Drives and Controls 3 examination papers 
Elective III - Audio and Video Enginerring 2 examination papers 
Elective I - Biomedical Instrumentation 2 examination papers 
Elective I - Mechatronics 2 examination papers 
Elective I - System on chip 1 examination papers 
Elective II - Advanced Computer Architecture 2 examination papers 
Elective II - Entrepreneurship Development and Business Planning 3 examination papers 
Elective II - Robotics and Automation 2 examination papers 
Elective III - Image Processing and Machine Vision 2 examination papers 
Elective III - Optical and Microwave Communication 2 examination papers 
Elective III - Soft Computing Tools 3 examination papers 
Elective IV - Advanced Communication System 2 examination papers 
Elective IV - Artificial Intelligence 2 examination papers 
Elective IV - Automotive Electronic Systems 3 examination papers 
Elective IV - Nanotechnology in Electronics 1 examination papers 
Elective IV - Robotics and Industrial Automation 1 examination papers 
Electronics System Design 2 examination papers 
Embedded System 2 examination papers 
Feedback Control System 5 examination papers 
Image Processing and Machine Vision 1 examination papers 
Industrial Management 4 examination papers 
Microcomputer Based System 5 examination papers 
Microcontrollers 4 examination papers 
Nanotechnology in Electronics 1 examination papers 
Network Synthesis and Filter Design 1 examination papers 
Power Electronics 5 examination papers 
Process Automation 3 examination papers 
Sensors and Interfaces 5 examination papers 
System on chip 1 examination papers 
VLSI Design 2 examination papers