Advanced Satellite Systems and Applications 1 examination papers 
Artificial Intelligence 1 examination papers 
Communication Theory 4 examination papers 
Computer Networking 2 examination papers 
Computer Organisation and Architecture 4 examination papers 
Control System 1 examination papers 
Data structures 4 examination papers 
Digital Communication 3 examination papers 
Digital Logic Design 4 examination papers 
Digital Signal Processing 1 examination papers 
Elective I - Digital Image Processing 3 examination papers 
Elective I - Embedded Systems and RTOS 3 examination papers 
Elective I - Industrial Drives and Control 2 examination papers 
Elective I - Microwave Communication and Radar 3 examination papers 
Elective II - Electronics and Telecommunication 1 examination papers 
Elective II - Entrepreneurship Development 3 examination papers 
Elective II - Joint Time Frequency Analysis 1 examination papers 
Elective II - Microelectromechanical System and Systems on Chip 2 examination papers 
Elective II - Mobile Communication 3 examination papers 
Elective III - Speech Processing 1 examination papers 
Elective III - Television and Video Engineering 1 examination papers 
Elective III - Test and Measurement Systems 3 examination papers 
Elective IV - Advanced Trends in Telecommunications 1 examination papers 
Elective IV - Automotive Electronics 3 examination papers 
Elective IV - Nanotechnology 2 examination papers 
Electrical Circuits and Machines 1 examination papers 
Electromagnetics 1 examination papers 
Electronic Circuit and Applications 2 examination papers 
Electronics Product Design 1 examination papers 
Industrial Drives and Control 1 examination papers 
Industrial Management 4 examination papers 
Integrated Circuits and Applications 4 examination papers 
Microcontroller and Application 5 examination papers 
Network Analysis 1 examination papers 
Network Synthesis and Filter Design 2 examination papers 
Optical Fiber Communication 2 examination papers 
Power Devices and Machines 2 examination papers 
Signals and System 2 examination papers 
Single Coding and Estimation Theory 4 examination papers 
Solid State Devices and Circuits 2 examination papers 
Speech Processing 1 examination papers 
System Programming and Operating System 5 examination papers 
Telecommunications and Switching Systems 3 examination papers 
Television and Video Engineering 1 examination papers 
VLSI Design and Technology 3 examination papers 
Wave Theory and Antenna 2 examination papers