Advanced Database Management 2 examination papers 
Advanced Graphics 1 examination papers 
Advanced Operating System 1 examination papers 
Artificial Intelligence 2 examination papers 
Computer Graphics 4 examination papers 
Computer Network Technology 5 examination papers 
Computer Organization 4 examination papers 
Data Cummunication 4 examination papers 
Data Structures and Files 2 examination papers 
Database Management Systems 2 examination papers 
Design and Analysis of Algorithms 4 examination papers 
Digital Electronics and Logic Design 1 examination papers 
Discrete Structure 1 examination papers 
Distributed System 3 examination papers 
Elective I - Advanced Database Management System 1 examination papers 
Elective I - Advanced Operating System 1 examination papers 
Elective I - Artificial Intelligence 1 examination papers 
Elective I - Compiler Design 1 examination papers 
Elective II - Embedded System 2 examination papers 
Elective II - Mobile Computing 2 examination papers 
Elective II - Multimedia Systems 3 examination papers 
Elective III - Advanced Computer Networks 3 examination papers 
Elective III - Advanced Graphics 2 examination papers 
Elective III - Real Time System 3 examination papers 
Elective III - Software Architecture 2 examination papers 
Elective IV - Bioinformatics 2 examination papers 
Elective IV - Business Intelligence 1 examination papers 
Elective IV - Geo Informatics System 1 examination papers 
Elective IV - Neural Network And Expert System 1 examination papers 
Fundamental of Data Structure 4 examination papers 
Geo Informatics System 1 examination papers 
Human Computer Interaction and Usability 5 examination papers 
Information Assurance and Security 3 examination papers 
Information Retrieval 3 examination papers 
Management and Finance 1 examination papers 
Management Information Systems 5 examination papers 
Neural Network And Expert System 1 examination papers 
Object Oriented Modeling and Design 2 examination papers 
Operating System 4 examination papers 
Processor Architecture and Interfacing 4 examination papers 
Programming Paradigms 5 examination papers 
Software Architecture 1 examination papers 
Software Engineering 4 examination papers 
Software Testing and Quality Assurance 2 examination papers 
System Software Engineering 1 examination papers 
System Software Programming 4 examination papers 
Theory of Computation 5 examination papers