Compiler Design 2 examination papers 
Computer Concepts and Programming in C 4 examination papers 
Computer Graphics 3 examination papers 
Computer Network 2 examination papers 
Computer Organization 4 examination papers 
Data Structures Using C 4 examination papers 
Database Management Systems 3 examination papers 
Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3 examination papers 
Digital Image Processing 4 examination papers 
Digital Logic Design 3 examination papers 
Discrete Mathematical Structures 4 examination papers 
Distributed Systems 3 examination papers 
Electronics Engineering 3 examination papers 
Engineering and managerial Economics 3 examination papers 
Engineering Chemistry 3 examination papers 
Engineering Mechanics 3 examination papers 
Entrepreneurship Development 3 examination papers 
Environment and Ecology 5 examination papers 
Graph Theory 2 examination papers 
Human Values and Professional Ethics 2 examination papers 
Industrial Management 1 examination papers 
Industrial Psychology 4 examination papers 
Industrial Sociology 3 examination papers 
Information Security and Cyber Laws 2 examination papers 
Introduction to Biotechnology 2 examination papers 
Introduction to Microprocessor 3 examination papers 
Introduction to Soft Computing 2 examination papers 
IT Infrastructure and its Management 3 examination papers 
Manufacturing Processes 4 examination papers 
Object Oriented Techniques 2 examination papers 
Operating System 2 examination papers 
Professional Communication 4 examination papers 
Remedial English Language 1 examination papers 
Software Engineering 2 examination papers 
Theory of Automata and Formal Languages 3 examination papers 
Web Technology 2 examination papers