Antenna and Wave Propagation 4 examination papers 
Computer Architecture and Organization 3 examination papers 
Computer Concepts and Programming in C 4 examination papers 
Control Systems - I 2 examination papers 
Data Communication Networks 1 examination papers 
Digital communication 2 examination papers 
Digital Electronics 4 examination papers 
Digital Signal Processing 2 examination papers 
Electromagnetic Field Theory 2 examination papers 
Electronic circuits 4 examination papers 
Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements 3 examination papers 
Electronics Engineering 3 examination papers 
Electronics Switching 2 examination papers 
Engineering and managerial Economics 3 examination papers 
Engineering Chemistry 3 examination papers 
Engineering Mechanics 3 examination papers 
Environment and Ecology 5 examination papers 
Fundamentals of Electronics Devices 1 examination papers 
Industrial Psychology 4 examination papers 
Industrial Sociology 3 examination papers 
Integrated Circuits 3 examination papers 
Introduction to Electric Drives 2 examination papers 
Introduction to Soft Computing 2 examination papers 
Manufacturing Processes 4 examination papers 
Microprocessors 3 examination papers 
Microwave Engineering 1 examination papers 
Optical Fiber Communication 2 examination papers 
Principles of Communications 3 examination papers 
Professional Communication 4 examination papers 
Remedial English Language 1 examination papers 
Signals and Systems 2 examination papers 
Wireless Communication 1 examination papers